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Craziest Cold Cases

By: Victoria Helmer December 8, 2021

Jack The Ripper  Background of Jack The Ripper: “Jack the Ripper” was an active killer between august 7 to September 10, 1888. The murderer was never identified, so they gave him the nickname ...

How Joe Goldberg Can Keep You Up At Night

By: Sofia Mendez December 7, 2021

   Most people nowadays tend to have their own coping mechanisms when it comes to their problems. However, music is one of the most helpful ways to get through hard times. Personally for me, listening...

Hardwood Blog

By: Luke Abad December 6, 2021

The CFISD basketball season is upcoming and is looking to be very interesting. In our district, there will be some good matchups. One of the story arcs that will be continued is the Cy-Fair vs. Cypress...

Criminal Minds Real Cases

By: Miavane Jackson December 6, 2021

6.11- Jeffrey MacDonald  Jeffrey MacDonald is an American medical Dr. in New York City, or shall I say was a medical Dr. before he was convicted of one count of first-degree murder. In August of 1979...

Sincerely, Lauryn

By: Lauryn Bennett December 3, 2021

   In today's report of Sincerely, Lauryn we will be discussing why I find the show “SISTAS” interesting. So if you recall we last spoke about the characters in the show and what the show is about....



By: Kailani Downs December 3, 2021

   Hello, this blog is about an artist I've been listening to recently. The album, In The Meantime,  by Alessia Cara has been playing in my head like a broken record for the past week.  Alessia Cara's...

 Mr. Felder

 Mr. Felder

By: Sanaa Como December 3, 2021

Why did you wanna become an AP? I wanted to make a difference in providing a positive direction in the lives of students. It’s a passion I seem to be called to.   What schools did you go...

What goes into Publishing?

By: Sarah Katzenberger December 1, 2021

   This blog is going to be about anything that goes into the writing process to produce a book or just short stories but mainly book writing. All the work that goes into publishing a book isn't all...

Mrs. Meyers

Mrs. Meyers

By: Sanaa Como December 1, 2021

Why did you wanna become an AP? I wanted to make a positive impact on students and staff   What schools did you go to?  Texas A&M university Sam Houston state university   What’s...

Rae’s Corner 1

By: Rae Wallin November 18, 2021

The Despair Inducing life of Junko Enoshima  *Spoilers to the entire series of Danganronpa* Danganronpa, the chilling murder mystery game of 2010 that involves a school of students having to kill...

The Wanderer 002

By: Rebeca Douglas November 17, 2021

San Diego, California. One of the places people go to chase their dreams and home to many. San Diego, California, is a beautiful place to visit. With palm trees all around and very hot, sometimes humid...

Chillin’ with Jo

By: Joelle De La Vina November 15, 2021

Meditation. What is meditation? Many people believe that meditation is about clearing your mind and staying focused, but that´s the result of meditation. Meditation is a practice, so having distractions...

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