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Out on my own #1

February 6, 2020

 Let's Start From the Beginning  For those who read my blog, I want you to know all of this is based on issues I have encountered and sort of figured out how to get through them without the earth falling apart. I do know that each high schooler who is on there own for different reasons. I also w...

The Universal Remote

February 5, 2020

Episode 1: American Horror Story While channel surfing I stumbled upon the drama, horror, thriller tv show, American Horror Story. The show has a total of 9 seasons and is confirmed for a season 10 later this year. Each season tells a different horror story and can take you back in time, but as yo...

R&R #1

February 4, 2020

Knights of The Behemoth Ever since the release of Castle Crashers on August 27th, 2008 the game has gotten an astounding amount of plays due to it's hilarious if not crass humor and the completely original gameplay. The Behemoth has made many great games with some of the same charms as Castle Crash...

Trendy Topics #1

February 4, 2020

This blog series will be on the trendy topics of the new year 2020. It will include all of the new trends and styles commonly seen in this generation. What makes each trendy style unique and its trademark, these blogs will go into depth about how to address these styles. Each blog will focus on one spe...

His and Her’s Blog #1

February 4, 2020

His  & Hers blogs by Shawn and Kailani  His and her blogs are going to be over certain points of view from a guy and a woman’s perspective. In our blogs, you will read how different the two minds think. You will get to see things through the eyes of each gender. The different topics you w...

I am no Van Gouge #1

February 4, 2020

Hello there! my name is Carolina Gonzales, and I’m a Sophomore here at Cy-Fair. Along with being a Sophomore, I’m also a reporter, and what I’d like to call a “sucky-barely-even-decent-painter-and-if-I-stop-now-I’d-probably-be-throwing-away-all-the-money-and-time-I-spent-sitting-on-a-stool-that-makes-my-back-hurt-while-painting-a-face-with-a-tiny-brush-and-some-expensive-paint-I'm-too-broke-for.”  I think that was a little too specific thoug...

The Guide #1

February 4, 2020

We all have that one person that we don’t know how to go up to. Luckily I have a few tips and pointers.    PHASE ONE: THE FRIEND ZONE   Befriend them...Add them on Snapchat. Follow them on Instagram. If your bold enough then just go up to them to speak and introduce yourself.   PHA...

Living the Guard Life #1

January 31, 2020

 By: Madison Kesseler  Episode 1  Hello!!! Welcome to Cy- Fair High Schools inside look into the lives and sport known as Color Guard! In this blog, you will find out everything about color guard like what is it, how to do it, some pros and cons, and more!   In this episode, you are goin...

Senior Friends

Senior Friends

By: Claire Mestayer, Reporter

April 23, 2018

It’s almost the end of the school year. This is exciting for everyone, but the end of the year means that graduation is almost here. This is big news for seniors, but it is also a big deal for those who have senior friends. They are all going off to different places and maybe even different states....

8 Cy-Fair Rugby Players Make Professional Team’s Academy Squad

8 Cy-Fair Rugby Players Make Professional Team’s Academy Squad

By: Julius Kelly, Reporter

April 6, 2018

The Houston Sabercats are a professional rugby team playing their first inaugural season this year. In January they announced they would have a combine for high school players. 23 players would be picked and would represent the Houston Sabercats Academy Team and play other Major League Rugby teams. Aroun...



By: Blake Nall, Editor in Chief

March 20, 2018

I'll write this story tomorrow.

Dealing With Acne

Dealing With Acne

By: Valerie Mellado, Culture Editor

February 21, 2018

Acne is something that plagues most of us. For me it was something that really brought my confidence down, especially since I got it earlier than most of my peers.   Acne really made it hard to see myself as someone who was just as good as anyone else. Now I look back and wish I knew all t...

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