Sincerely, Lauryn

By: Lauryn Bennett

During the last entry we talked about why you should watch the show. Now I will introduce you to the characters more in debt and tell basically what their role in the show is. I will start with the characters of the “ sister circle “ since it’s loosely based off of their stories. 

First there is Andi, she works at a law firm where she is a successful divorce lawyer. I would describe Andi as very confident and ambitious. 

Then there is Karen, her best friend. She is a beautician who is the owner of an up and coming hair salon. I would describe Karen as headstrong and independent. 

Next there is Danni, she works in customer service at an airport.  Danni is very blunt and open to telling others what she wants them to know, she doesn’t hold back.

 Then finally there is Sabrina, she is a bank teller but she works as the lead manager. Sabrina is smart and stylish, she always tends to have something on that is very unique to her.

Now onto the other characters, this time we will start with the male leads. 

Firstly, there is Gary. Gary could be described as driven and manipulative at times. He also is the CEO of a fortune company. Oh and he was also married and has 2 kids.

Then we have Zac , he also works at the airport with Danni. Zac could be described as determined and willing to do whatever it takes to prove himself. Next there is AAron , Aaron is a preacher and he could be described as intransigent and strong-willed.

Then there is Maurice , he works with Sabrina, and is also a bank teller. Maurice could be described as very jokeful and very sure of himself.

Next there is Calvin, he is the owner of a real estate company. He could be described as successful and hardworking. 

Then there is Fatima , she is Andi’s assistant at the firm. She can be described as loyal, hardworking, and determined and finally there is Preston. 

Preston could be described as loving, and determined he however, works on a farm. 

The names listed are of the characters that are recurring, the next characters i will name will be the ones that made pop-ups here and there and who have connections to the characters up above.

Firstly, there is Jasmine , she could be described as very determined and also hurt. Jasmine is Gary’s ex- wife, she filed for divorce once she found out her husband was having an affair. She was also represented by Andi when filing for divorce until things took a turn for the worst.

Next there is Lisa, she is Karen’s mother, she could be described as loving, caring, and protective. She doesn’t allow any harm to come to or for her daughter. 


These are all the characters in the show that have come about since the beginning of the show’s first airing so far. They all make a huge impact on the show, once you get a chance to see their life and how it intertwines with some of the other characters’ stories. 

This is all for now, in the next blog you will get to have a clue of how the characters’ stories intertwine, you will see this when I tell you about the dramas that you won’t want to miss.