Criminal Minds Real Cases

By: Miavane Jackson


In season 11 there was an episode named Hostage where a young woman escapes her kidnapper who has held her and 2 other girls for many years, the girls were abused constantly and experienced horrible things.  The 3 girls were rescued and taken to the hospital to receive the help they desperately needed, in the end they were all reunited with their families. The episode was based on the Ariel Castro case, Ariel abducted 3 girls in Cleveland Ohio and held them between 9-11 years, sadly the victims in the Criminal Minds episode and the victims of the Ariel Castro case went through a lot of the same things: both sets of women were repeatedly beaten, abused, and impregnated by their capturer. Ariel Castro received a prison sentence of life plus an additional 1,000 years for kidnapping, torturing and imprisoning the 3 young women