Sincerely, Lauryn

By: Lauryn Bennett

In  today’s blog I will discuss why the show sistas is important or significant at this time & day in age. Sistas is significant in this time because it is a show that depicts 4 African American ladies in their early 30’s navigating life. Within the show you also see the everyday challenges that most women face throughout their lives. From legal issues to systemic issues. Each of the characters depict different women and different scenarios. It reveals how they are most likely to solve an issue that comes up in their lives. This show was especially significant in my opinion because with so much of what the world has had going on some women felt unseen, unheard, or even not valued. This show gave confirmation to women and allowed people all around the world to get a glimpse of just how much women have to deal with or go through on a daily basis. It also allowed people to see through their point of view and observe for just a moment what their life could be like if they took a step in their shoes and had to go through all the hard troubles they have gone through since the beginning of time. I really appreciate how this show has gravitated and touched so many.