Sincerely Lauryn

By: Lauryn Bennett

In today’s blog I will be discussing my overall opinion of the show and what I’ve learned personally to contribute to my own life. In my opinion the show “SISTAS” couldn’t have come at a better time. The show “Sistas” gives a voice to women who feel that they have no voice in this world. It reveals that they are appreciated in all forms of themselves. This show has really allowed me to see myself in some of the characters portrayed. I’ve seen some things within myself that I wanted to change because of it being in front of me to see face-front through the show. One very important thing that I learned from the show is to really watch the company that I keep around me. Especially now getting ready to leave high school and go into college because there are way more opportunities for people from all different backgrounds and walks of life to influence you either the wrong or right way. Another message that stood out to me, was the fact that in the different scenarios that pop up for the characters, they learn to find the humor in things that they cannot control and not let the negative emotions affect them or their relationships with one another i.e ( “ the sister circle”)