Show Stop

By: Kayla Wyatt

The Walten Files Part 3

   July 20th Bon’s Burgers was shut down due to the multiple deaths that occurred in the restaurant. All these events, from Felix getting in the car crash, to poor Rosemary’s death, happened all in one year. It had such a short run, only from May of 1974 to July 1974. But of course a lot of terrible things happened so it’s not surprising that the restaurant closed, and on October 31st the Bon’s Burgers restaurant was condemned. A month later, in December, Bunny Smiles Inc. constructed the K-9 Storage Facility where The Showstoppers were moved into on January 23rd of 1975. 

   There’s been a lot of time skips since the restaurant closed. So far all that has happened is the restaurant closing, the construction of the K-9 Facility and the animatronics being moved there. They got to camp there for a while just sitting in the bunker, the decomposing bodies and innocent souls stuck inside those machines for three long years. 1978, from July 2nd-9th, is when we finally got some content from our founder, Mr. Felix Kranken. He records two tapes for the K-9 Facility called the Relocation Project. These tapes have the happy and friendly vibe that Bon’s Burgers was originally aiming for; colorful backgrounds, our happy mascots, and the narrator explaining what the Relocate Project is all about. 

   The first tape the narrator exclaims that the relocation was a backup plan that Felix had made that took 4 years of legal paperwork to complete. While the narrator is speaking, the background video is of Bon looking through files that all seemed to be censored, except for one that reads Jack Walten: Missing. The narrator moves on and explains that the animatronics were put in a facility built in the Saint Juana’s Forest. As this is being explained an 8-bit animation of a worker putting The Showstoppers in the moving truck is shown, but then the screen flashes and the person in the driver seat is Jack. While the narrator is announcing the merchandise that was made for the restaurant, a tape hidden in the background is named The Disappearance Of Jack Walten. Felix made up the idea of the project so that he could open a new restaurant in 1982, and the narrator describes him as a genius as a cartoony image of Felix is shown. As the narrator is congratulating him he is cut off by the screen cutting to a distorted picture of Jack. This tape was pretty normal, but why was there so much Jack content in a tape about Felix?

    To sum up this first tape, Felix created the Relocation Project as a backup plan to get a new restaurant running. During this tape there are multiple sightings of Jack as if he is trying to reach out to you, to get you to acknowledge his disappearance. Also, remember how the animatronics are being moved to Saint Juana’s forest? That forest was mentioned earlier when Felix buried Jack’s kids after getting them killed in a car crash. Maybe Edd and Molly get to reunite with their mother after all this time.

   On October 10th, 1982, a man named Brian Stells went to the K-9 facility. While he’s in there he comes across Bon. Brian is then chased out of the facility by Bon, who then kills him, releasing him into the world. Bon, a very dangerous machine responsible for multiple deaths, has been set free and is now roaming the world. Five days later on October 15th Sophie Walten played an unreleased version of a game called BunnyFarm. This game was mentioned earlier during Charles’ death. This game is pretty much just a kind of gameshow type of style run by Boozoo himself. A lot of disturbing images and sounds help to prove that Charles and Boozoo are related in some way, but this game also has another important meaning relating to Sophie. Since her family’s disappearances she was put on meds that helped her forget about all that she has gone through. As she’s playing this game she learned from paranormal intervention about her past and what she has been put through. She also learns that she is being hunted down by the homicidal animatronic, Bon himself. Her and Felix are the only characters left in the show, and something is going to happen to one of them. Maybe Bon will find Sophie and reveal something about Jack, or Jack will come back for revenge on Felix.

  What happens next in the story now? Well, that’s all we have so far. That’s all that’s been told of The Walten Files in these past three parts. This story may seem confusing and long but as soon as you’re able to piece together some events it is pretty interesting. I love this little show because of all the theories and hidden details there are in it.