Sincerely, Lauryn

By: Lauryn Bennett

In today’s blog I will describe one of the many dramas that have come up in the past seasons of SISTAS leading into the present season. In seasons 1-2 a lot has happened between the characters. The drama I will speak on that has really trumped the whole show now is Karen’s and Zac’s relationship. 

Here’s some background information on their relationship

They have been together for 3 years before the big break up that occurs at the end of season 2. Their relationship is very toxic in the middle of season 2 going into the end. Karen symbolizes the many women who heavily influenced zac. She puts Zac down by constantly degrading his character and making him feel as though he will never amount to anything. Just as his mother and grandmother did. With this in mind it causes Zac to act out and continuously try to prove himself to not only her but her friends as well ( the sista circle ) since they also believe in the narrative that has been put around him. Now over the course of finishing season 2 going into season 3 that is currently aired Zac has found himself. He is uplifted by someone he feels really wants to see him at his best and not at his worst. This causes even bigger problems because Karen feels she is entitled to an explanation although she ended things between them. She also was the first one to find someone that she felt made her a better version of herself but because Zac did the same it causes turmoil in her new relationship. She focuses so much on what Zac is doing or has done that she doesn’t even pay attention to the changes that she is causing for herself within her new relationship. Her friends are witnesses to this and they try to get an understanding of what she is feeling or going through so that she can get over this grudge that she has upon Zac and his new relationship.