Super Tuesday

In a roller coaster Democrat primary, we have seen the frontrunner fall to fifth, a self proclaimed socialist grab multiple states, a monumental upset in New Hampshire, and a billionaire buy his way onto the stage. And that’s just the beginning.
In a shocking move just before Super Tuesday, Pete Buttigieg dropped out of the race- but we certainly haven’t seen the last of him. This was likely a move to bolster Biden heading into the big day. Bernie is a very surprising front runner with the highest delegate count and fundraising numbers. Bloomberg has been dropping massive sums of his own money on his campaign. The Biden camp was falling apart and struggling early in the game, but South Carolina provided a boost for him that put him in a position to sling shot to the front.
It looks as though the party wants a more moderate candidate, but the voter base could be galvanized and wanting to move towards more radical changes. Here are all of my predictions for all Super Tuesday states .

Previous Elections:
Iowa- Bernie and Buttigieg victory
New Hampshire- Bernie Victory
Nevada- Strong Bernie Victory
South Carolina- Strong Biden Victory

Super Tuesday (D):
Arkansas- Biden, a more conservative democrat state will be looking for a more old fashioned candidate. He’s their guy.
Alabama- For the same reason as AR, Biden is taking Alabama home.
American Samoa- I honestly couldn’t tell you. They might show out to show their fellow islander, Tulsi, some support.
California- Bernie or Warren will take this one home. Both are more radical candidates, Bernie is the OG, but Warren is a female. They both have a real shot but I’d throw on Bernie.
Colorado- Bernie will win the whacky state.
Maine- Bernie is the next door neighbor, but Maine is a surprisingly conservative state. I call it an even split.
Massachusetts- Bernie and Biden will likely be close, but I’m calling a Bernie victory.
Minnesota- Biden, a traditional state will vote on a traditional guy. This is also Warrens home state, and she might turn out.
North Carolina- Biden once again will snag a conservative, Kennedycrat state.
Oklahoma- Biden
Tennessee- Biden
Texas- Bernie because of Austin and other major populous centers that he spent A LOT of time and effort campaigning in
Utah- Biden
Vermont- Bernie is the senator and native of Vermont. He’ll walk away with this one easily.
Virginia- Biden, VA is quite similar to the demographics of NC which Biden won handsomely.

I think Warren will hang on, but Bloomberg will severely underperform.

Super Tuesday (R):
Arkansas- Trump, literally none of these require any explanation but here… he is the incumbent and has a very strong base. He will win the primary.
American Samoa- Trump
California- Trump
Colorado- Trump
Maine- Trump
Massachusetts- Ok maybe, just a tiny little itsy bitsy chance Bill Weld takes his home state.
Minnesota- Trump
North Carolina- Trump
Oklahoma- Trump
Tennessee- Trump
Texas- Trump
Utah- Trump
Vermont- Trump
Virginia- Trump

In the moments leading to the big day Klobuchar, Beto and Buttigieg threw on Biden. For the republican primary, expect Weld to drop out of the race soon following today. Bloomberg and Warren are likely to be next on the chopping block in the coming weeks. Bill Weld will lose funding and have to dropout, as much as he may not want to.

These are just my predictions, and the big day might go very differently, but if you don’t vote it will never go the way you want. Exercise your right to vote, and vote for a bottle of water over any of these terrible candidates.

Happy Voting!