Man’s Best Friend

This is Bridget shes the smallest and responsible one

Photo by Kailani Downs

This is Bridget she’s the smallest and responsible one

Who is man’s best friend?  His dog of course. I have two of these best friends; they’re my gals. They both bring me joy and I love them so much. They’re always there when I am feeling down. My dogs and I go on walks after school on the cypress trails on weekends when I get a chance.


 Their names are Ginger and Bridget. Ginger is a husky who’s the more irresponsible one; who goes through the trash. and runs out the front door when she gets a chance. Oh, and I can’t forget she loves bringing in her muddy paws on the freshly mopped floor or carpet. My other dog Bridget is a Shih Tzu, she’s the opposite of Ginger. She is the more responsible one who makes sure no one is trying to break into the house. She trolls the doors making sure you can’t sneak in or out of the house. Bridget is like a mom to Ginger wherever Bridget goes Ginger goes. If Bridget wants to go out ginger makes sure she’s out there with her waiting for her to finish. Bridget also notifies me about Ginger by bridging trash to me letting me know that ginger went through the trash.  They both bring me great joy when they are sleeping together side by side. I love my fur babies. I wouldn’t trade them in the world for anything. 

This is ginger the bigger dog and she’s very irresponsible (Photo by Kailani Downs)


 I’ve had Bridget since she was a baby and that was 8 years ago. So far it’s been a long journey with Bridget, and I am going to continue our journey together. A month ago Bridget had to visit the vet because she wasn’t eating and her weight was dropping rapidly. Bridget’s nurse said she had gas trapped in her stomach so she had to get surgery immediately because if not Bridget could either be sick or she could lose her life. The medical bill for her was expensive, but I was glad she was okay afterward. One thing we’re just working on is to bring Bridget’s weight back up and get her to eat at a scheduled time so that she’s not behind on digestion.

By: Kailani Downs