By: Juan Saldivar

Finals exams are coming up as the fall semester comes to an end December 12-16. Students have the opportunity to exempt finals from their classes, but there are a few exceptions.


There are requirements for exemptions that apply for all classes, for both semesters that students must be able to fulfill in order to exempt the exams


Requirements are as of the following: All students are required to have all fines and fees paid, including all library fees and fines from School Cash Online. 


All students are to have no suspensions, ALC, or JJAEP placements, so no getting into any form of altercations whatsoever. 


In regards to the grades, an average of a 75 or above is required for the semester, also students must have an E, S, or I in their conduct. Students can check their grades on Home Access Center.


When it comes to having tardies and absences, it all falls under having them per class. Students are only allowed to have five or fewer absences per class and have three or fewer tardies per class. Students can also check their attendance at the Home Access Center.


As to how the final exams are going to be scheduled, the finals are set to be on December 13-16. In that week, from Tuesday through Friday. Six of the final exams will occur on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday with two exams set on each of those days and Friday will hold the last final exam.


The exams are scheduled to happen in the morning, with two of the exams happening back to back with an hour and thirty minutes for each. 

Fall 22 Final Exam Schedule

On Tuesday, December 13, the final exams will be for first period and sixth period. The first period exam will be from 7:15 to 8:45  and the sixth period exam will be from 8:51 to 10:19.


On Wednesday, December 14, second and seventh period exams will be taking place, with the times of those exams also being from 7:15 to 8:45 for the second period exam and from 8:51 to 10:19 for the seventh period exam.


On Thursday, December 15, third and fourth periods will have their exams, with their times being from 7:15 to 8:45 for the third period exam and the fourth period exam will be from 8:51 to 10:19


On Friday, December 16, the last exam will be for fifth period from 7:15 to 8:45.


Be sure to check grades, any fines and fees you may have, and any absences or tardies in order to exempt.