Celebrating Thanksgiving


By: Kayla Wyatt

 So we all know the big gap between Halloween and Christmas. The month in between the two is usually weird because Halloween is the beginning of fall and an opportunity to go all out with decorations, and Christmas is the chilly winter with festive music and presents with fun lights.

Right after Halloween people will tear down their spooky decorations to immediately put up winter ones. Although it’s pretty easy to say that starting to celebrate Christmas early is a lot of fun, it makes me wonder why Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated more.Thanksgiving is always run over because there’s no fun tree or decorations to put up around the house besides fall leaves and scarecrows. Well that’s usually the type of decorations that grandmas put up. There’s also no fun music, but what could Thanksgiving music even be? Besides eating with the family there are no big and fun things to do for this holiday. But I guess the process of getting together with family and cooking the food that everyone loves is really all that should be needed. 

      When you look at the side of people who want to enjoy Christmas right as it hits November first, you could just say those people are more fun and eager to get on with the cold air and jolly music. I’ve always been one of those people, waiting for the music to start playing on the radio. Christmas is also an opportunity to give and receive gifts. Who gives presents on Thanksgiving? There’s also lots of Christmas movies to get ready for and watch. There’s no Thanksgiving movies out there to enjoy, so why celebrate?

      On the other hand, there’s those people who insist on waiting for the holiday and enjoying Thanksgiving. They insist that everyone enjoys the natural way of the seasons and participates in the present rather than wait for the future. I’ve noticed these people all claim that “maturing is realizing Christmas can wait”. The fall can still be enjoyable, the leaves starting to fall, the weather getting cooler, and being able to wear sweaters and comfy clothes. All this can be enjoyed anywhere but Texas unfortunately, but it’s still the characteristics of fall. 

      There are many factors that can decide whether or not Thanksgiving should be pushed aside or not, but even though Christmas is way more fun, I like the way Thanksgiving can be used as the gateway to Christmas instead of there being a random month gap between two holidays. Seeing which way someone leans can definitely determine who they are as a person and makes me want everyone to really think about their decision.