Pink Out Pep Rally


Photo by Cecilia Uvalle

By: Gina Granger and Brennan Gibbs

Pink Out Pep Rally 


In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Cy-Fair High School volleyball and the other Lady Bobcat athletic teams hosted its annual Pink-out Pep Rally. Staff, students, and members of the Cy- Fair community bought Pink-out t-shirts to raise money for Cleaning for a Cause, which is a non-profit organization that cleans the homes of cancer patients.

Photo by Michael Hernandez

 ¨My favorite Pink-out tradition is awarding the money to the cancer survivors and patients,¨ Cy-Fair JV girls soccer coach Rebecca Wells said. ¨I myself am a breast cancer survivor and some of the bills are outrageous and ridiculous.¨


Although Brigade, cheer, band, and the step team performed, the other activities were the true highlights. Softball, soccer, volleyball, and track made pink wreaths and gifted them to various survivors of the Cy-Fair community that attended the pep rally, along with a bouquet of pink flowers and a gift bag. After awarding the gifts, the team captains of each female sport shared a fact about breast cancer. 

Photo by Rowan Ostermann

“I think it was good that they shared all of that information because some of that I didn’t even know myself.” Cy-Fair algebra teacher, Phylicia Harding said.


They say everything is bigger in Texas, which is especially the case with high school sports.


“Sports have a big platform,” Cy-Fair athletic trainer Nicholas Portillo said. “They shine a brighter light than most people when it comes to breast cancer awareness.” 


A lot of great information came from the pep rally, like the best prevention for breast cancer is early detection. 


“I think it is important to talk about breast cancer and to highlight how important it is that as women and as young females that we need to be very mindful to go and get checked every single year.” Cy- Fair Principal, Ana Martin, said. “If you do get checked and they detect something early, it could possibly save your life.” 


Taking care of your body and making smart decisions are a vital part of reducing the risk of developing breast cancer. There is no way to fully prevent getting affected but one thing you can do is to get routinely checked by your doctor or physician. 


“It can happen to anyone in general,” Cy- Fair varsity volleyball player, Alisa Cofer said. “It is important to raise awareness, take care of your body, and get checked regularly.”


The Pink-out Pep Rally truly shows that Bobcat Fight Never Dies. Cy-Fair is more than just sports and academics, it supports and fights with breast cancer patients and survivors. 

“I love the way ‘BFND’ shows how much we care about this cause,”  Cy- Fair High School student athletic trainer, Dominick Chiles, said. “I love it.”