Mrs. Peggy

By: Gina Granger and Brennan Gibbs

Mrs. Peggy ¨Lou¨ Neders was a devoted Cy- Fair high school volleyball fan. She attended all home and away games for over 16 years with a diet coke and bag of popcorn in hand. She was uplifting and ecstatic during each point of every game. Unfortunately on June 8th, 2022, Mrs. Peggy passed away due to congestive heart failure. Cy- Fair volleyball celebrated her life on September 23, 2022 with a small ceremony before their volleyball game. 


¨This summer we lost the best bobcat fan on earth, Mrs. Peggy. She was a devoted Cy Fair volleyball fan, she attended every game for over 16 years.¨ said head volleyball coach, Donna Benotti 


Born October 25, 1926, in Ponca City, Oklahoma, Mrs. Peggy ¨Lou¨ Neders moved to Houston, Texas in 1939 and attended Lamar High School in 1944.  She attended University of Texas in Austin, where she was an Alpha Delta Phi sorority member. Mrs. Peggy loved spending time at her family beach house at Bolivar, playing marathon card games, and knitting Christmas stockings for her extensive family. 


Mrs. Peggy was loved by her family and friends but was also cherished by many players, parents, and coaches.


¨What a blessing she was to the Cy-Fair Lady Bobcats! I know she is cheering the girls on,¨  Bobcat parent  Kate Brasko Warth, said. 


Before the game against Spring Woods High School on September 23rd, the volleyball team honored Mrs. Peggy by inviting her family onto the court to receive a gift. As each jersey number was announced the player would present a flower to one of the family members which at the end created a beautiful bouquet. Along with the bouquet Bennoti organized a small memorial outside of the gym doors along the schools trophy case. The memorial consisted of photos of Mrs. Peggy and a cake that read “forever in our hearts. We miss you Mrs. Peggy”. 


After the lovely ceremony one of Mrs. Peggy’s daughters, Gloria Malek had a few words she wanted to share.


“Thank you all so much for making the last 16 years of my mom’s life happier and more fulfilling. She loved the volleyball program so much. I suppose she has the best seat in the house now…smiling down from heaven¨ said Malek¨Thank you Cy-Fair volleyball, for this lovely celebration¨.


Mrs. Peggy  ¨Lou¨ Neders was a part of the Cy-Fair volleyball family and will be missed greatly. She is leaving behind an extraordinary legacy that will be remembered for years to come.