Talent Show


By: Juan Saldivar

Cy-Fair High School students will have the opportunity to showcase their special talents at the talent show on the night of October 13 starting at 7 PM, with tickets being available for ten dollars.


Auditions were held on September 28, giving students the opportunity to present their talents to Mrs. Chapa, who is the person responsible for the talent show. Students presented their talents in the best way they knew how.

Seniors Joey De Los Santos and Brehannah Bruno both auditioned for the talent show, with both having different perspectives for their auditions. We were excited to learn more about the auditioning process. 

De Los Santos had expressed what he did for his auditions and how the auditioning experience went for him.


“I think the audition went very well, I think I put a lot of my energy into it,” De Los Santos said. “I have been practicing for this with a song that I found.”


De Los Santos is the type of person to put a lot of time and effort into what he does, being sure that every step is the right one.


Bruno also shared her experience during the auditions and how that process went for her.

“I did my thespians competition piece, which was monologues,” Bruno said. “I think it was interesting, it was fun seeing everybody who was auditioning.”


Bruno wanted to do something different than what everyone else was doing, wanting to stand out with a talent of her own.


“I think I’m a little different, because I’m the only one who was not singing.” Bruno said.


There are many different reasons why people would have the slightest courage and heart to accomplish something they want to do. Both seniors had shared their reasons for auditioning for the talent show.

De Los Santos shared that his reasoning for auditioning was that he had a theater background, and he added that the talent show is associated with the drama club and he wanted to give himself exposure. The exposure he was giving was not just for himself, but also for those who are looking for others that are just like those other people .


Bruno said her reasoning for auditioning was that she mainly did it for her competition piece, referring to the thespians competition, also stating that she has to do two separate monologues.


“I thought, hey, why not get a little more practice in performing this piece,” Bruno said. “To do it in front of a crowd and see if I can get some laughs in.”

Some students set out on doing things to connect with people, others seek out for things that relate to the others things you have already set out for.


When you share something you possess to other people, it takes a lot of guts to conquer that fear you have in order to show what you got to others. De Los Santos said he still has the fear of displaying his singing to other people, stating that the fear has been there since he started singing.


“Singing in front of a bunch of people when you don’t know exactly how good you are is very frightening,” De Los Santos said. “But at the same time, people have given me compliments, and you have to take those and get your mindset out of “I’m not going to do so good.’”


Bruno, however, had said that she used to have that same kind of fear, but over time she learned to overcome that gut wrenching feeling and not pay attention to what others have to say. 

All the hard work and dedication that these students had put into their talents, it will take them to that stage on the night of the talent show, in front of people they have never seen or met. They may have a sense of victory when they achieved that final level of the goal they were trying to reach. 

Victory may have been the end goal for both students, or they may have done the auditions and the upcoming talent show with different goals in mind. Winning the talent show might make them feel accomplished for putting themselves out there, having achieved a certain level of success.


De Los Santos had a reason for winning the talent show, whereas Bruno had none. 


“I put in a whole lot of hard work into the practice I did,” De Los Santos said. “Over the years, I put so much work into my voice and into my singing.”


De Los Santos wants all of the hard work and dedication that he pushed himself through to pay off.


“This is something I hope to win, because I believe winning would give out a lot of inspiration to people who feel down on themselves or feel like they can’t do something,” De Los Santos said. “You can come from nothing and be something.”