Orchestra Concert


By: Kayla Wyatt

The Cy-Fair orchestra definitely deserves more attention. They put in a lot of work to be able to learn new songs, practice, and then perform in front of an audience. Going to concerts is a thrilling experience, and is great support for the orchestra. Taking a deeper look at what it takes to prepare for the concert helps to appreciate all the work put into it.

“The best way to feel prepared is to play in front of people. It’s better to mess up in front of someone that’s not a judge, and it helps you get used to what it’ll feel like on the actual day of the performance,” Eveline Wong, a junior violin player said. 


Wong has been in orchestra for a while, and has an easier time settling the nerves. 


 “I do get excited for concerts and those aren’t as nerve wracking as they were the first time.” Wong said. 


Alexandra Lopez, another junior violin player, knows how to calm her nerves like a professional. 


“It’s easy to feel nervous before the performances but it’s not like I’ve ever felt unprepared,” Lopez said. “Just take a deep breath for real.”


Even with the nerves, the orchestra always pulls through and is rewarded with their success. 

The students have also created a great environment for themselves, and for each other.


 “Having a community like this is really nice,  I’ve made a lot of friends through orchestra,” said Wong. “Making music together is one of the most rewarding things.” 


They all enjoy playing together in concerts and hope others will come see their enthusiasm.


“I would say it’s always good to try something outside of your regular comfort zone! Our concerts are free, and our fall one is coming up on October 20 at 7:00pm,” Wong said. 


“Go to the performances,” Lopez added. “It’s life changing.”