1958 HOCO Queen

By: Miavane Jackson

Cy-Fair High School welcomed its 1958 Homecoming Queen, Frances Rambin Hendrick, back to campus for a chance to share some of her stories with students and staff. Hendrick was more than happy to come back to share some first-hand experiences of major events in the school’s history.


“It is so amazing to be back, it has been so long,” Hendrick said. 


When Hendrick was a student at Cy-Fair, she was the captain of the 1957 volleyball team and led her team to a State Championship. Along with volleyball, Hendrick was also the captain of Cy-Fair’s first-ever womens basketball team. When visiting the campus she spoke with this year’s volleyball and basketball teams and explained how different everything was back then. 


“This looks like a college compared to what it used to be. Our school was just a small building surrounded by fields, and our gym didn’t even have air conditioning,” Hendrick said. 


Hendrick also explained that back when she played volleyball in high school, the games were only one set compared to the three sets played now. 


A sense of community was a very important part of her high school experience, especially how important her coach was to her and her team. 


“Mrs. Arnold was like a mother to us, we always had slumber parties and made sure all the coaches were invited,” Hendrick said. 


Volleyball wasn’t the only thing that changed. Hendrick described that back then the girls were only able to play half-court basketball while the boys played full-court. She reminisced about her playing days as she described her position as a shooting guard and how she loved anticipating the ball from her defensive team. 


“I couldn’t wait to get the ball,” Hendrick said. “I was always planted right at the half-court line waiting for my team to throw me the ball and give me a chance to score.” 


Besides sports, Hendrick had an exciting teenage life. She laughed as she spoke about what she and her friends did for fun. There wasn’t much to do but they always found ways to have a good time. 


“We didn’t have any hangout spots but we did love going to the rice pond and eating a fresh watermelon,” Hendrick said.


Hendrick was surprised when she won Homecoming Queen. 


“I didn’t expect to win, I was so incredibly grateful,” Hendrick said. 


Hendrick loved her school, when her meeting with the students came to an end she ended it off with a heartfelt comment. 


“This is a school to be proud of, leave a good legacy,” Hendrick said.