Walking in the Hallways

By: Kayla Wyatt

Since the beginning of the school year there have been many things people get upset by. Mostly about the rules or teachers, but one thing I think everyone likes to discuss are hallway behaviors. No one likes slow walkers or people playing tag in the middle of Main Street, but I’ve noticed that these problems have been worse this year. Turning around in the middle of the hallway, pushing people rudely, and people shoving their friends into other people are the biggest problems so far, and it’s only the fourth week of school. Maybe there’s something in the air, maybe people changed over summer, or maybe it’s the freshmen.

Though it’s not the most annoying problem, people turning around abruptly in the hallway is definitely annoying. Doing a quick look over your shoulder before turning or even stepping off to the side is so much better than bulldozing through the people behind. It’s just really irritating when you’re trying to walk to class and the person in front just flips around right into you, causing you to stumble into other people. People just get mad.

The next, more annoying problem is people playing a game of tag. This is more of a rare sight since most people think straight, but there have definitely been tag games during the first week of school. There isn’t really much to say about this, just why are you playing tag in a crowded hallway full of people who don’t want to be there and want to go to class? Main Street is already so crowded and two people running through and pushing people around really does not help.

Being plain rude to people walking is also such an irritating occurrence. Being pushed hard in the back and then turning around to a person cursing you in the face is really something that ruins anybody’s day. Being shoved to the side and then laughed at is super upsetting and just makes people angry. It just makes me wonder why people want to start fights so eagerly. What is the point of acting like that, and what is gained out of it? Being straight up rude to people is unnecessary and annoying, we aren’t animals.

There’s still a topic to be brought up. Though pointing fingers at whole groups of people for a few people’s actions really isn’t the best way to handle things, it feels like it’s becoming more justified this year. It’s all the freshmen who decided to act bold this year, and are now trying to act tough in the halls. I can promise that it’s not cool, no one cares, and no one wants to be at school anyways so what’s the point? Being in highschool can be fun, but being rude and pushing people in the hallways will not get anyone higher in the ranks of popularity, it will just make people hate you. Be nice to people to the best of your ability and go on with your day, and walk in the hallways like you’re supposed to.