Back To School


By: Bryce Nall

Welcome new or returning Bobcats! There are many changes currently being made in and around campus. A new bond set in place has made these new renovations and additions possible. As for the construction around campus, the new Performing and Visual Arts Center is being built right next door. As well as a brand new elementary school, set to be complete this month. With all the construction taking place outside of school, our faculty also has plans within campus. The baseball and softball fields are finally being converted into synthetic turf. But, the football fields and soccer fields are being completely scrambled into different locations. In between these new field locations, an outdoor patio labeled as “Learning Commons” is being constructed.


Some of the same rules as previous years still apply. Students are not allowed to leave during lunch, or order food from an outside source to be delivered to campus. Students are also still prohibited from walking outside during passing periods. But, the infamous Senior Deck is finally reopening! Seniors can take advantage of using the sidewalk outside to save a little time during passing periods. There’s also some outdoor seating to enjoy lunch with friends. Getting a little break in the sun every once a while is always essential for learning. Time in between classes is also set back to 7 minutes since COVID-19 stunting some time in our district. But as of exemptions for finals, only 3 tardies are allowed before students get that privilege taken away. 

A lot more teachers have also adopted more strict policies. Classes such as forensics, digital media, and some math classes prohibit students from using their phones in class. This may be an issue due to emergencies where students may need to access their cell phones. Another strict policy is the huge new bathroom passes. The hallways are now divided into different sections by color. Each bathroom pass has its own color that corresponds with their respective section that students are limited to. One issue that has yet to be fixed is the overly crowded hallways. The peak density of Main Street occurs after fifth period. One solution to decrease the density in the main halls is to take the alternate routes. There are halls on either side of Main Street with fewer students that are fairly unpopular.