Teacher Work Days: Do Teachers Have Enough Time


By: El Parker

     Teacher Work Days are days in when students get to stay home from school, while teachers are given a day to plan ahead, grade, and receive extra training. The question is, are teachers getting enough time?

     My mother is a social studies teacher in a different school district and usually once a month, she’ll have a teacher workday to go to school to catch up with grading and get some planning done. Unfortunately, though, a lot of this time is spent doing teacher training. That sounds good, doesn’t it? Not necessarily. While teachers do need a lot of training, there comes a point where the schools are taking upgrading/planning time to make teachers sit through meetings. 

     My mother has complained on several occasions about having to sit through meetings about things she already knows and has been trained in. Many of her coworkers agree as well, feeling as though their time is being wasted when they can be spending more time improving their lessons and getting stressful grading done in an environment outside of their home. I propose that teachers should have the ability to opt-out of teacher training meetings- if they reach a certain quota of meetings attended. That way, well-trained teachers will have more opportunities to get work done.