Senior Pressures


By: Sarah Katzenberger

     Many things happened in the past 274 days from the first day to the last day of school. The fact that we are expected to maintain grades at school, do things at home while maintaining a social life, and some of us have jobs. Parents expect us to have our lives together the second we move that tassel from the right to the left side.

     The number one thing that seniors fear is accidentally making the wrong decision. They don’t want to regret their choices later in life, and not knowing the outcome of their decision until later is a scary factor. Some parents won’t let their kids not go to college because “They don’t want you to make the same mistake that they made.” But in fact, that might have been a mistake for them, but won’t be for us. I will always remember this and what an old teacher of mine said. They probably didn’t think would have made much of an impression on any of his students, but it did.

     “I thought about it, and I honestly didn’t know until I was a junior,” My Entrepreneurship teacher said, “College isn’t for everyone and that’s okay. You come freshly into High school and they put you in a required class to graduate called PACE. It gets you ready to know what you want to be and readiness for college, so you can take classes in high school for that revenue.”

     My cousin’s fiance said something similar as well, “How do they expect 14-year-olds to know what they want to do with their life? Like what if they do the same thing throughout high school and college you get into the real world and realize you hate this now you have a piece of paper that is for something you hate.’”

     I think parents need to understand the brunt of pressure they’re under because they are expected to know how to cope with the amount of stress and that’s the number 1 problem parents always know how to give pressure but haven’t ever been taught how to cope with stress. Is that fair?