Budget Date Ideas


By: Sarah Katzenberger

We’ve always been in a bad financial place at some point in our life and that is okay because even as a young adults we always want to do certain things for the cheapest price. There is a way to date without having to burn a hole in your pocket.


Here are some ideas: 


  1.  CHIMAC – it is Korean cuisine but still has subs, wings, and bbq.
  2. Crescent Moon Bar and Cafe – it’s a cute Cafe that sells salad, waffles, frappuccinos, pie, danishes.
  3. Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park – it is a free attraction and has a giant grass-covered space in front of it great for picnics and pictures, definitely a cool experience.
  4. Mario’s Taco and Burger House – which has tacos, burritos, sandwiches, burgers, salad, fries. What’s even better is that nothing is more expensive than $11.00.

We all live in a prime time of technology because several things are circulating on social media where you can go and do things for hardly anything or for free. In my perspective, researching before a date and knowing exactly what to do, especially when you find cool and cheap/free things to do in the area that you live in. What I have done is create a game for some extra fun called, date roulette. First, you write activities on popsicle sticks, like places to eat, movies, DIY activities, etc. You will then put all your popsicle sticks in a bag and pick however many sticks you want. Overall doing this with your partner will keep things exciting and fun.