How Joe Goldberg Can Keep You Up At Night

By: Sofia Mendez

When it comes to being a good friend, there are certain things to keep in mind in order to not fail and lose relationships. Some things that require being a good friend are being caring, selfless, trustworthy, and honest. When it comes to secrets or personal business that the other person is opening up to you about, it is always important to respect them and not share that business with anyone else no matter how good or bad the business is. Second, when your friend is having a rough and stressful day, it is considerate to do something to lighten their mood and cheer them up and that can include doing things such as, buying them a get-well-soon basket, taking them out on a walk, taking them out to eat, or if you are not able to do something that costs money you could use you own words and write them a simple card talking about how you appreciate them and trust me on this, it will make their whole day. Another thing that comes along with being a good friend is also helping them with anything they are struggling with in order for them to not feel alone. For example, if they are struggling with any subject in school that you are mastered in, it can really represent a trait of a good friend. Something else that comes along into being helpful, it is always being happy for them for their successes and their Accomplishments. So remember, next time you grow a new relationship with someone, always remember the traits that come along with them.