Craziest Cold Cases

By: Victoria Helmer

The Houston police department defines a cold case as “when all probative investigative leads available to the primary investigators are exhausted and the case remains open and unsolved after a period of three years.”  The word probative means “affording the proof of evidence” when there is no evidence the case must remain open or they will close the case so it’ll remain it as a “cold case”. There are 250,000 cold cases in the United states. That’s only an estimated number of how many cases still go unsolved, to this day. Natalee Holloway, Jack the Ripper, and Jonbenet Ramsey, These three cases have been investigated and still have not been solved.


                         Jonbenet Ramsey

Background of each person:

Jonbenet Ramsey; Jonbenet was a child beauty queen when she was 6 years old. She was born august 6, 1990 in Atlanta Georgia. Her murder, which is still unsolved was one of the decades biggest police investigation 

Why were the cases never solved?

Jonbenet Ramsey; Many say it’s the police fault, and how they mishandled the investigation but also if you look at it from a police view you could see the inconsistency  in evidence.


Was there any motive discovered?

 Reasoning for the murder of Jonbenet Ramsey is unknown. Some think it may be because of her fame and beauty others think its because of success we still do not fully know though.