Valentine’s Day: Long Distance


By: Sarah Katzenberger

   Finally, you’re in a relationship on Valentine’s Day, but there’s a twist. The distance. It feels as if something is so close yet, so far. That is why I am here, so you no longer have to worry. Most couples who are long-distance have problems with celebrating holidays’ without each other, but you can still celebrate as a couple together while also being apart. Which is where I come in. I am here to tell you how to make the best out of your situation.

   We are going to set the scene a little, it’s February 10, and we’re still troubled on how to show your significant other how much you mean to them. There are honestly many ways to do so whether you have money or not. Right now we live in a good time for long-distance relationships because of how COVID has changed our society. We can order and deliver food, care packages, and mail. Many girls aren’t materialistic and instead enjoy the little things like notes that you’ve written and expressing how much you like or love her. 

   Celebrating Valentine’s Day apart isn’t that different from spending it together, but instead, as a long-distance couple you can facetime date and order food or go out, and set your phone up while both of you eat, talk and joke around about everything that you wouldn’t do on an in-person date. So there was a trend going around on social media that couples would do on date night. They would go to the store and find both what the other person likes and what the person thinks they need and what they can’t live without, and you can easily make a care package with that and mail it to each other and open it on FaceTime. Have your significant other’s favorite meal delivered which costs $20 to $25 if only ordering for 1 person.

   Valentine’s Day is fun but at the same time it’s very expensive nowadays and everyone is looking for new ways to celebrate it and cheaper ways because now it costs 50 or 60 dollars to go to a restaurant and eat for a table or 2. And the whole flowers, chocolates, and stuffed animals are boring ways, but long-distance is a pro because of the fact that we spend our time trying to find new and inventive ways to see and talk to each other and are able to have a relationship with someone who lives 3 hours away or lives on the other side of the country. When in a relationship, always look for new and different ways to tell them the way you feel. In the end, humans want to feel valid and want to be validated.