Show Stop

By: Kayla Wyatt

The Walten Files: Part 2 

     June 28 of 1974, the fun and friendly Bon’s Burgers opens its doors. Two days later the first ever birthday party is hosted, and the second incident is about to play. Susan Woodings is an employee at the restaurant and is in charge of robot maintenance. She had recorded multiple audio recordings, but we are only shown the third one where she explains her job working by the disturbingly creepy animatronics. There are five of them, Banny the bunny, Sha the sheep, Billy the Clown, Boozoo the magician, and Bon the bunny. The five of them were called The Showstoppers. After the party Susan goes to the work room to investigate some of the animatronics that were working a little differently. She was just trying to do her job and she was doing it well, but Bon the bunny decided he wanted to do his job first. He paralyzed poor Susan and stuffed her limp body into Banny where she soon starved to death while stuck in the animatronic. Her soul now possesses Banny, and this is proven by the amount of terrifying and overlapping images of Susan and Banny shown in the episode. So far we had Edd and Molly possessing Rocket, and Susan Woodings possessing Banny. It looks like Bon wants everyone to feel included. 

    On the 14th of July Bon added another life to his collection, a man named Charles. He isn’t really mentioned in the story except that he was on the list of victims that Ashely Parks, an investigator, found later on. Bon killed Charles and it is theorized that he is now possessing  Boozoo. Boozoo and Charles will be relevant in the story later during the third episode when the game BunnyFarm is introduced. This topic will have importance later on.

    Five days later on July 19th, the last incident happened during the time that the restaurant was open. Honestly to me, this incident is one of the saddest ones because of the death of such a nice and innocent person. Rosemary Walten, Jack’s sweet wife, goes to Bon’s Burgers to look for clues on her husband’s disappearance. She wants to find him and find what took him away from her. She wants to find her lost children and bring her family back together. Sophie and her are the last of the Walten family left. While she’s in the building she is accompanied by an offset presence who claims that it knows where Jack is, luring her towards the back room. When she entered, Sha the sheep was there sitting, waiting for her. Sha says that Rosemary can be beautiful, that she can make her beautiful again, and asks if she’s beautiful. She wants Rosemary to find out just how beautiful she can be. Bon then kills Rosemary, her screams calling out for Sophie, and puts her body into Sha, who claims that she feels beautiful once again. After this scene in the episode, Sha shows up on screen and says “When she woke up, she looked beautiful. But on the inside, it felt like every single part of her body was bleeding out”. Sha’s image then turns bloody as she rapidly shakes all over the screen. Rosemary Walten now possesses Sha, and she is beautiful once again. Sophie is the last family member remaining. The next day, July 20th, Bon’s Burgers is closed.