Valentines Day: Singles Edition


By: Maddie Kessler

   Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year when couples can be as cheesy as they want, and it is widely considered to be the most romantic day of the year. Chocolates in heart-shaped boxes, flowers, stuffed animals, and sweet cards. But for singles, it can be one of the worst days of the year. Having to see all couples act lovingly towards each other.

    Well, fear no more, I’ve got some pretty good things to do for all the singles. A few suggestions would be focusing on yourself by having a self-care day. Take a relaxing bath, listen to your favorite songs, do that skincare routine that you’ve been neglecting. Do something that makes you feel happy and relaxed. You could also have the ultimate movie marathon. Binge some Harry Potter, catch up on Euphoria, watch a new tv series that you’ve been wanting to watch but can’t find the time. A few other ways to help are to host a singles-only party. It gives you a chance to not only have interaction with other people, but it also gives you the chance to maybe meet someone.

   Valentine’s Day can either be a sad or happy time for someone. If you just want to buy some chocolate and just chill at home, there is no shame in that. Stay positive my friends!