Nostalgia Trip

By: Bryce Nall

When I think of nostalgia, I think of all the memories that brought me extensive amounts of joy. A picture, a song, or even a smell will put me in a trance of reminiscence. It’s almost like a bittersweet feeling because you’re sad the moment’s over, yet you appreciate that it happened. In my opinion, there’s no age limit for when you’re allowed to feel nostalgia. You haven’t had to live half your life span already in order to take a trip down memory lane. If you take something out of your daily routine, and then recollect it after a few years, you’ll begin to dig in the back of your mind about what you used to do in the past.

I grew up watching many TV shows and cartoons. Because I watched cartoons so frequently, they were almost comforting as I fell asleep. SpongeBob is one of those classic cartoons that was entertaining for kids, but also humorous for adults. When I was little I would pretty much just watch the moving pictures on the screen and laugh at the funny sounds, but when I watch it again I really appreciate the amount of work that was put into the show. I would learn about friendship, teamwork, and how to have fun and let loose.

One cartoon that stood out from the rest was Courage the Cowardly Dog. I must’ve watched this one under my mom’s nose because the amount of disturbing scenes is astonishing. The premise is that in most episodes, an evil force attempts to terrorize Courage’s house along with his parents. Through his fear, Courage constructs unworldly solutions to resolve the conflicts. The animation was pretty creative when blending 2D characters with 3D backgrounds. The show would also blend real human faces within the animation to give a sense of creepiness. Sometimes that aspect would give off an almost uncanny vibe in the show with its realism. No wonder this dog was scared of everything.