Netflix Movies To Watch


By: Bryce Nall

1.) The Guilty: If you’re looking for a quick suspenseful thriller, this may suit your viewing needs. Although this film is set in the same location for the whole duration, your imagination runs wild when listening to the narrative. With Jake Gyllenhaal’s incredible acting skills, you’ll stay immersed with how his character handles adversity.

2.) Extraction: In this action-packed extravaganza, Chris Hemsworth journeys through different regions in order to rescue an international crime lord’s son. Filled with explosions and flashing lights, this film will surely sweep you off your feet.

3.) The Social Network: This intricate drama follows the story of how Mark Zuckerberg conjured up a bright idea. This film represents how the Facebook corporation had to break and bond relationships in order to get to its ideal state in modern times. Andrew Garfield and Jesse Eisenberg also have a riveting dynamic throughout the movie.

4.) Hush: This fast-paced slasher follows the life of a deaf girl that lives among the woods. The few amount of neighbors she has is just a perfect setup for her to get terrorized by a psycho. Although the aspect of her heightened sense of intuition makes for intense scenes, the predictability of the movie makes it somewhat bland.

5.) I Am Legend: Right off the bat, the idea of one man living in Manhattan is extremely intriguing. The amount of detail put into the cinematography of Will Smith slowly losing his sanity is incredible. This is a must watch if you’re interested in apocalypse or virus outbreak movies.