Long Distance Relationship Advice


By: Sarah Katzenberger

   Everyone has a special person at heart whether it be a best friend that you’ve known since you were months old, or a significant other that is living somewhere else or moved to somewhere else or met someone online. Either way, it is important to communicate doubts, emotions, and when you have anger toward the person that you’re in a long-distance relationship with. It will be easier to fix because they can’t see your reactions and responses to their words besides what you say to them.

   The number 1 most reason why people hate long-distance relationships is because it takes more effort to hold onto that person because the questions in their heads are: How can I trust them? How do I know that they won’t cheat? How do I know if they’re telling the truth?. If those questions you’re asking yourself several months into the relationship then you have no trust in that person.

   To start with advice about long-distance relationships:

  1. Always communicate. Thoughts. Feelings and emotions because how will the other person know that you feel that way?
  2. Go above and beyond. Send little things throughout the day to basically give them a glimpse of your life if they were there with you.
  3. Patience. If blowing up at lack of response at certain times then long distance isn’t the best idea. The other person will perceive that differently.

   Overall, long-distance relations are hard and tedious because the dynamic is totally different than in-person relations. FUN FACT a lot of the relationships we have with people are out of convenience because of school and or work and a lot of friendships end when teens graduate high school.