How Joe Goldberg Can Keep You Up At Night

By: Sofia Mendez

   Most people nowadays tend to have their own coping mechanisms when it comes to their problems. However, music is one of the most helpful ways to get through hard times. Personally for me, listening to music and understanding the lyrics can be one of the most helpful ways to settle down and relax on a bad day.  Music can also be another alternative to escaping reality and entering another whole world in your mind. Depending on the mood you are in, there are many varieties and diverse genres of music that can fit into any mood that can cheer you up when you need to distract from everything else. Music is the perfect escape to anything because the many diverse kinds of music can manage to fit into any form of comfort you’re in. 

   I believe music is also a helpful way to settle down and feel pleased in any moment or situation. Some artists such as Adele, John Legend, and Bruno Mars can help you to rethink anything that has made you feel sad and lonely. Some artists such as Tyler, The Creator, and Frank Ocean can fit into any mood you’re in. Whether you’re feeling sad, happy, energetic, or relaxed, they are always a good alternative to make you feel the way you feel. Some people sincerely don’t enjoy music no matter the genre. However, whether you like music or not, it is an alternative to settling down after any situation if the things that are your go-to ¨settling down” technique. I have always loved music therefore I recommend this method if you are ever feeling overwhelmed, stressed, sad, or depressed because music is like the light at the end of the tunnel.