By: Kailani Downs

   Hello, this blog is about an artist I’ve been listening to recently. The album, In The Meantime,  by Alessia Cara has been playing in my head like a broken record for the past week.  Alessia Cara’s latest album tells the tale of how far she has gone in her mental health recovery. She is a Canadian singer and songwriter who has been upfront about her mental health issues since the beginning of her career, admitted to seeing a therapist, and taking anxiety medication.

   Her album has a total of 18 songs, starting with her song “Unboxing Intro”  and then playing a chronological order. The 41-second introductory tune immediately dives into her struggle with worry and negative thoughts. 

   The second song, “Box in the Ocean,” continues the theme of her bottled-up feelings and refusal to resort to family, friends, or a professional. 

   In her later compositions, “Sweet Dream” is about how Alesia Cara wants to sleep without having anything about her ex-lover or overthink things, and “Fishbowl,”  listeners learn about the artist’s sleep problems and feelings of loneliness.  Fishbowl is a song that represents being trapped in your own space. 

   This album is very comforting to me because I can relate to a majority of the things and the topics she jumps into in each song. I know there are different genres I would put Alessia Cara in Pop-Culture and I would recommend this album to the new generation that’s going through heartbreaks and dealing with heartaches