What goes into Publishing?

By: Sarah Katzenberger

   This blog is going to be about anything that goes into the writing process to produce a book or just short stories but mainly book writing. All the work that goes into publishing a book isn’t all about the content in the pages. Publishing a book also includes finding the artwork for the cover and the type of audience the author wants to reach. Children’s books would also need to have different artwork that follows the storyline for every page. Permission to use certain things for any material also goes into work for publishing a book, and so much more.

   The traditional publishing process is that you make a pitch to a publishing house or publishing company. First, you have to have a completed manuscript and if you have one, submit it to your literary agent, and they can do it for you. Then wait to hear back if you’re accepted or rejected.


Different types of publishing:

Standard book publishing: 

   When the author writes a manuscript and what goes into it is bookmaking, which is the process of editorial, design, and production. Book supply is the process of marketing and distribution. Bookselling is the process of promotion and rights management.



   Self Publishing works well, but a large con in self-publishing is money for all the things necessary that go into the publication of a book. Traditionally, money for research to help develop your book would be provided by your publishing company. Instead, the money for research would come out of pocket for a self-publisher.

   Although, with self-publishing, you get more freedom, like working at your own pace. Several authors, I talk to agree that you get more choices, especially with the cover design. Most publishing companies have already chosen an idea of a book for you and what length it needs to be.