Black Friday


By: Victoria Helmer

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving, is a day where a lot of stores highly promote sales and open very early.

Black Friday is full of extreme sales. It’s the day moms get most of the kids Christmas presents, it’s the day husbands wait in line with their wives for 5 hours, and the day grandmas fights over the last tv.



Some people choose to stay home to avoid the chaos, and I can’t blame them; not everyone wants to be fighting over Barbie dolls with a stomach still full of turkey from thanksgiving. That is not speaking for all people because others find the event worth fighting turmoil for, even if that means arguing and throwing hands with old ladies.

All jokes aside, it is important to be safe on black Friday. All the good deals are great, so great that people go crazy over them. Some people even forget how to act and become very inconsiderate and stingy by fighting and arguing over the last of something as small as a new baby doll toy. There are stampedes of people that harm each other from the rush to get what they want. Not every store is like that though, most stores are laid back and maintain good security. Although all stores are not chaotic, keep in mind that they could change in seconds because of violent people.
But still, REMEMBER to stay safeā€¦ and shop till you drop, whether that’s online or in stores!!!!