Horror Games

By: Kayla Wyatt

Horror games are great to play all the jumpscares, frighting monsters, and creepy settings have you feeling like you are in a horror movie. Although many people don’t like the scare factor of horror games, they can still be enjoyable to play. 

What makes horror games scary? 

Yeah, many games use terrifying and bloody creatures or dark and ominous environments, but those are only the apparent factors that make a horror game. Horror games can easily, so here are some ways to find a good horror game.

  1. Chase Scenes

All great horror games will have someone or something chase you at some point in the game. Being chased is just a terrifying feeling, especially when you can hear the other’s footsteps as they get closer, and you start anticipating your capture. If you do not feel your heart racing as if you were getting chased in real life, then it probably won’t be the best game to play.

  1. Setting

Sometimes even just an eerie setting can make a game somewhat scary. Just because the dark shadows and fog block your vision and the thought of how many creatures could be beyond the fog leaves you unsettled. At any point, someone could pop out and grab you, or something could run across, creating an anxious, worried feeling in your gut because you now know there is something there.

  1. Backstory

A bad backstory can give that scare factor. An example of this is the games, Little Nightmares I and II. This game does have some gruesome-looking monsters, but other than that, it’s kind of a cute game with two characters. The more disturbing part is mainly the story. Though it isn’t an obvious story, it’s like a puzzle. You begin to click some of the pieces together, and it causes you to feel sad and scared of the different characters and who they could be.

  1. Failure

Finally, the most prominent scare factor in a horror game is the feeling of failure. When you are playing a game and are so enveloped in the world within, dying feels like the jumpscare. There could be consequences for death, or it could be permanent. In this case, failing is the scariest part.

Regardless of using these factors to find or create a good horror game, there are still people who seem to be utterly immune to the scares. It just isn’t enough for them, but it can still be fun to play for the gameplay, scary or not.