Rea’s Corner 1

By: Rea Wallin

The Despair Inducing life of Junko Enoshima 

*Spoilers to the entire series of Danganronpa*

Danganronpa, the chilling murder mystery game of 2010 that involves a school of students having to kill each other to survive, has come back into popularity with the Tik-tok sound of 2019.  Junko Enoshima, the ultimate fashionista, is also the ultimate despair as she is the mastermind. 


The Creator of the game saw it as cheating for a villain to be given a sad backstory as if it gives them a crutch to explain the evilness away. During the final trial of the first game, the character, Junko Enoshima, backstory gave away that she was in despair; she was already bored of everything.

It’s believed that during the game that Junko was homeless for a while. This theory was created because her twin sister Mukuro ran away during a family vacation. She became a model as a teenager and was accepted into the school Hopes peak academy, where she planned to create the most awful, tragic despair.

During school, she killed the school board and then brainwashed the other kids to off themselves. The only survivors were the 15 students for the first killing game and the 16 students of the 77th class who would do anything for Junko. 

Junko even saved five kids, who were about to off themselves by manipulating them to worship her when she only wanted Monaca–the smartest kid in the group. The 78th class lived however they pleased in Hope’s peak for about a year before Junko erased their memories and began her killing game.


During the first game, Junko is behind the scenes controlling the bear named Monkuma, while her twin, Murko, is pretending to be her. Junko convinced Murkuro that she could also control the game too, but was later proved wrong. Junko ended up killing her for trying to gain too much power. 

In the final chapter, Junko revealed herself and explained she killed people for the feeling of despair. She wanted to feel that despair of everything coming down and saying, “killing my precious sister with my own two hands… that act is filled with so much despair… No, more than that… Super super super super super super super super super super super super super super super despair… It just feels…so…good.” Junko was defeated, but it did not matter to her since the increasing feeling of despair as her plan failed overcame her.

The second game was taken, virtually, since Junko was now a virus placed by the remnant of despair, Izuru Kamakura. This time the 77th class was involved as a way to cure them of Junko’s control and show them the wrongs they did. This plan was destroyed in the end when Junko’s virus was added to the game. Junko was defeated, and all the students were freed from being remnants of despair.