Show Stop

By: Kayla Wyatt

The Walten Files Part One

   The Walten files is a VHS-style horror animation that is uploaded on youtube by Martin Walls. It has creepy details, a disturbing art style, and well-detailed characters and backgrounds. What makes it so scary is the number of hidden meanings, frightening faces, and gruesome undertones. 

   The Walten Files started in 1958 when two friends, Jack Walten and Felix Kranken, came up with the idea of a restaurant with fun animatronic mascots while they were in college. They called their restaurant Bon’s Burgers, and their company name was Bunny Smiles Inc. A year later, the two friends graduate from college and get married. From 1960-1965, Jack and Rosemary have three kids, Sophie, Edd, and Molly. Things were going smoothly, and in 1967, Felix recorded the first introduction video for Bon’s Burgers.  

   Although later in 1967, Felix had been drinking more often because of the built-up stress from running this business, and Linda, his wife, was getting sick of it. Time skip to 1970, where Linda writes her third known page in her diary. She expressed her concern for Felix’s drinking, and how she believed their relationship to be unhealthy. She continually repeats, “I just don’t know what to do.”

   Nonetheless, work continues, Jack’s family is happy, and Felix is still working his hardest to record videos for his employees. Felix’s drinking escalates, and in 1973, Linda writes her fourth known page in her diary is written. She complains about Felix getting worse, and she can’t take it anymore. She wants to divorce;  move on to a better life. 1973 is the last time things would be normal; the last time many people will see each other.

    A year later, in 1974, the first tragic event of the series happened. On May 2, Linda divorces Felix and moves out right after. She goes by her old name now, Linda Thompson. The same day, Felix gets a call from Jack asking if he can pick up his kids from a late school event since he is too busy. Felix agrees and goes off to pick up Edd and Molly. While Felix is picking up the kids, Molly asks him multiple times how he was feeling since he was acting strangely, to which Felix replies with, “yes everything is ok.” They all get in the car to drive home, but things take a turn. Felix started to drive faster, and the kids told him to slow down. They soon get into a terrible car crash, with Felix being the only survivor. Everything goes dark, and he can hear Molly and Edds’ screams echoing in his head.  He just got his best friend’s kids killed, and he has to do something about it. So, he stumbles back to the car, grabs a shovel, and buries Edd and Molly in Saint Juana’s forest. Buried along with them are their toy animatronics bunny and Rocket, which Jack made for them. Edd and Molly’s souls now possess Rocket, and he will pop up in the story later. Jack calls Felix, angrily asking where his kids are. Felix is scared, he is scared of what will happen to his friendship with Jack. There is no known response to Jack’s call in the series, but later Felix records his tearful, frantic confession because he could no longer handle keeping it in anymore. Felix would be haunted by this day for the rest of his life. Later on June 11, Jack Walten goes missing. It was like he never existed. He was just gone. Then, 17 days later on, June 28, 1974,  Bon’s Burgers finally opens its doors.