How Joe Goldberg can keep you up at night

By: Sofia Mendez

Are you ever scrolling through your search recommendations on Netflix and can’t find a show that can keep you hooked and staying up all night? I think we have all been in that situation, and sometimes it can even get super frustrating. However, the show, You, streaming on Netflix, is the perfect show if you are looking forward to being sleep-deprived for days and counting.

The show, You, is the typical stalker and murder thriller show that we all get hooked on and repeatedly say, “one more episode,” ignoring that you have things to do the following morning. Starring Penn Badgley, playing Joe Goldberg is very dedicated and possessive of the things that catch sight of his path. When he comes across a young writer, Guinevere Beck, she immediately gets his attention. Doing anything possible to get everyone else out of her sight, Joe murders people around Guinevere to be all for him. You, is a great show because regardless of all the graphic scenes that happen, it will keep you up for hours.

(SEASON 2 SPOILERS AHEAD) Later, in season 2, Joe decides to start a new life and change his name, and come across his next obsession, Love. No, not love as in the emotional feeling we feel towards someone, but for Love Quinn, a baker girl. Although his obsession with her grows every day, despite that, he still manages to find someone with the same interest and torture and murder nearing the end of season 2.

Correct, the sweet, charming, loving, Love Quinn she seemed to also has another side that no one knew of. She eventually falls in love with Joe, now known as Will Bettleheim, and obsesses over him. Love is willing to do anything to be with that she, puts the life of her brother, Forty Quinn, in Joe’s hands. You is one of the best psychological thriller show that I have ever watched. Every murder scene, every cliffhanger, every secret that unfolds, will only want to make you click, next episode.