Craziest Cold Cases

By: Victoria Helmer

The Houston Police Department defines a cold case as, “when all probative investigative leads available to the primary investigators are exhausted, and the case remains open and unsolved after three years.”  The word probative means, “affording the proof of evidence” when there is no evidence, the case must remain open, or the case will close and remain a cold case. There are 250,000 cold cases in the United States. That’s only an estimated number of how many cases still go unsolved to this day. Natalee Holloway, Jack the Ripper, and JonBenet Ramsey, these three cases have been investigated and, yet to be solved.


Natalee Holloway

Background Natalee:

Natalee holloway; was an 18-year-old woman, born October 21, 1986, in Clinton Mississippi. Her parents were divorced, and she has a younger brother named Matthew, they were both raised by her mother, Elizabeth. Natalee went to Mountain Brook High School, and near the end of the year, she took a trip to Aruba where she disappeared on May 30th.


Why was the case never solved?

Natalee holloway; Natalee’s case remains on the FBI website under seeking information instead of a missing case file. Natalee’s body nor whereabouts have been discovered. There’s no trace of her to be investigated at the moment either; it’s almost like she just disappeared.


Was there any motive discovered?

Since Natalee Holloway was never found, nor were any people taken in that were suspects in her disappearance. We yet to know why, and if there were any motives for her disappearance.