By: Kailani Downs

Learning Self Love:

Self-love… Accepting every flaw and imperfection you have. I spent hours looking at myself in a mirror questioning, who I was and why I looked the way I did. “It’s me,” I thought out loud. The body is where the soul lies, and it’s the eternal part that lives within our bodies. Our bodies are just a container for the soul, just like our brain is a container for the mind. I was never taught about self-love until my mother figured it out for herself and started teaching me that I am stuck in my body for the rest of my life. If I don’t like it, then what can I do to change it? My only options were to work on it or accept it, and I did both. I started to eat healthier, set food plans, and woke up early to make breakfast shakes. After my morning shake, I begin a light workout and take time to meditate.

 As a senior, I am becoming more comfortable with my own body due to not caring about anyone else’s opinion. I learned to block out their thoughts to tame mine and recollect my self-respect. I still have my challenges here and there, but I am working on overcoming my obstacles. I struggle with keeping my food and feelings separate, because food is my comfort, so when I get upset I go straight for the kitchen. Sometimes I can stop myself, but other times I get full, and sometimes I pass out from eating too much. 

Lately, I have been better about what I eat and what time I eat, so I have a schedule. I speak good things about myself. I tell myself, “I love you,”  with the actions I do for myself. Such as getting my nails done, skincare, and giving myself time to have mental space.  I chose to worry more about my health and make better choices for the future and for the sake of my past to be the best version of myself I can be.