The Day After Halloween

By: Luke Abad

Would you rather have to tread back to school post-Halloween celebration or have two days off for recovery and a more enjoyable weekend? On Halloween night, teens of all ages will be out all night having fun without a worry in the world. Unfortunately, Halloween lands on a Sunday night this year. Due to the date, my classmates and I were worried about the school day after Halloween. Until recently, we realized as Halloween continues to grow closer, Cy-Fair ISD has given their students November 1st and 2nd off, not for a rest day, but Election Day! Of course, we don’t mind this. After all, we no longer have to worry about being home by curfew because of the two days off.

I believe that this was a blessing. Everyone can now enjoy Halloween night that I have been looking forward to, and I can now go out to my parties and dress up without nearly as many worries that I would have if we still had school on Monday and Tuesday. My parents no longer have to worry about me getting home too late on a school night, which is a relief. I also do not need to worry about schoolwork or any responsibilities. The night is the one time of the year where I can be free to dress up as whatever I want. I believe all students around the district will benefit from this prolonged break. Halloween is a holiday that we should cherish and enjoy as we phase out of it while we grow older; the memories will always be with us. Which, is why I believe that CFISD should give students the day after Halloween off if the next day is supposed to be a school day.