The Wanderer 001

By: Rebeca Douglas


A beautiful country, being the border between Central America and South America. In my numbered endeavors throughout the continent, Panama has always been a country that is dear to my heart ( As it should be, considering that is my heritage). Panama has many notable attractions, such as La Cinta Costera, El Puente de Las Américas, and it’s most famous attraction being the Panama Canal. 

The Panama Canal cuts straight through the heart of the country and connects the Atlantic and Pacific ocean. It is open for visitation where you can enter and explore the Canal and its workings. Apart from the country’s main attraction, It is also home to many beautiful beaches and resorts. The two most popular all-inclusive resorts frequented by both tourists and natives alike are Playa Blanca, El Royal Decameron. 

If you want to get away from the mainstream and explore other beaches on the mainland some options include Veracruz, Miramar, and Coronado. Panama is also home to many island provinces and beaches worth a visit. Bocas del Toro is a provincial island you have to visit on one of your trips to Panama, surrounded by clear blue waters. Isla Bolaños is also a beautiful island you can visit. It is a 2-hour shuttle boat ride, but it is so worth it. With Crystal Clear Chilly blue water Isla Bolanos is something you won’t want to pass up. Despite the many beautiful sites, Panama is still a developing country with some areas having less than desirable conditions. I highly suggest you still explore these areas, so you don’t leave Panama with a blurred idea of the country, every single inch of the country is beautiful, don’t steer away from truths you might not want to see. That being said, no matter where you go, always travel with safety and caution.