By: Rachel LaFleur

Buying a video game can be a shot in the dark. People rarely get a good idea about whether they’ll enjoy the game or not. I know the pain of wasting money on something you later find you don’t even like, and that motivated me to help the many teens that play video games to avoid that trouble I have been through one too many times.

Writing honest, detailed reviews on many different types of games is my plan for this blog. I will cover adventure games, fantasy games, horror games, and more! The individual categories will consist of multiple games that I’ve played and judged. I’ve played electronic games for years, and they’re one of my genuine hobbies, so I’ll have trustworthy opinions. In the wide variety of recommendations that I will write, there will be something for everyone.

But what if you don’t even like video games or are just getting into them? Depending on what games you play, they can increase your brain power with puzzles. They can give you an enjoyable activity, and video games can help you connect with new people, or they can be a pass time with people you already know!

As I said before, no matter your situation, there will be something here that fits you. I promise these won’t be boring, unemotional reads. My love for game plays will show through my writing. I’d adore sharing one of my biggest passions with as many as I can, and that’s what I aim to do here at my Vault of video games.