Sincerely, Lauryn

By: Lauryn Bennett

     W E L C O M E  To : Sincerely Lauryn 

Hi, I’m Lauryn, and in this blog, you will find information about my favorite tv show/current tv show that I’ve been watching. The first show I will be talking about is SISTAS by Tyler Perry.

SISTAS is a comedy-drama-based genre about four single women in their early 30’s who met in college that are now navigating the world and handling everyday problems that most people go through. Although some of these problems aren’t often freely talked about, especially in the African American community. The issues that are portrayed in the show hits home for me, so watching the show has helped in similar situations.

In SISTAS from the previous seasons, I  can honestly say that it has been a rollercoaster. There is always drama after drama, so it’s hard to stop watching when it’s always leaving you on the edge of your seat.

Reflecting on season one, the characters have grown a lot since then that I will go into in a later entry. Until then, let me introduce you to the main characters of the show. First, there is Andi, short for Andrea, next Karen, Sabrina, and finally Danni, short for Daniella. Personally, Danni is my favorite character on the show because she reminds me so much of my little sister, and it makes me curious about what my sister might act like in the future. 

Finally, are the male character’s introductions. First, there’s  Zac, short for Zachary, Gary, Aaron, Calvin, and lastly, Maurice. 

There is also a new cast member, Fatima, who is a friend of Andi’s outside of the friend group, but I will go into depth about her in another entry.