How to Survive Horror Night


By: Bryce Nall and Rebeca Douglas

Watching horror movies gives everyone an exhilarating feeling. Without these movies, your survival skills will be severely underdeveloped. A mere mortal will probably not stand a chance against a supernatural force, but against psycho murderers, and monsters you may have a chance of survival.

Watching Hereditary for the first time will leave you in a state of shock and disturbance. You’ll be scratching your armrest nonstop throughout the film to ease the tension in your psyche. What makes this horror film stand out from others is that it doesn’t rely on cheap jumpscares. It benefits from the silent suspenseful scenes. Although, the parts of the film that contain scoring leave the audience on edge. The vibe of the music fits perfectly with the disturbing imagery. You’ll be scanning the screen, waiting for something horrifying lurking in the shadows.

The movie centers around a brother and a sister who struggle with their grandmother’s past as a cultist. The cultist blood runs in the family, leading to catastrophic events that they will need to deal with in the film. The granddaughter, Charlie, is the perfect host to carry on the horrid legacy of her grandmother. She slowly develops supernatural tendencies that will make your skin crawl, especially the inhumane ways of moving. Hereditary is one of the scariest modern movies out there.

In response to the previous movie choice, the most appropriate movie choice to follow would be Barbie and the Diamond Castle. It’s a general rule accepted by many that after you watch a horror film, you must, without a doubt, watch a movie that brings you joy. The spectrum dictates that the scarier the movie, the more childish and light-hearted the post-movie should be. 

A memorable movie for many, Barbie and the Diamond Castle shares the theme of familial trauma and brainwashing, which is basically what “Hereditary” is all about, making the Diamond Castle a good transition into happiness. Both the protagonists, Liana and Alexa, are implied to be orphans who suffer misfortune from the antagonist, Lydia. They help Melody, the secondary character, work to save the day while making lifelong memories and friends along the way.

This movie is guaranteed to leave you in a good mood. It shows the bonds of friendship and that good trumps all. Why watch about demonic possession and deception when you could make the obvious choice of watching Barbie and the Diamond Castle and spare yourself years of trauma therapy and possible haunting