COVID on Campus


By: Miavane Jackson

Cy-Fair High School leads the district in confirmed COVID-19 cases throughout CFISD. With an average of seven confirmed cases a day, the frequent question of “what’s the next step?” continues to resurface. CFISD is working swiftly with our lead safety team to create new COVID protocols that they deem fit. While speaking to Principle Matin, we discussed the precautions CFISD and Cy-Fair are taking to protect our students.

With so many students in the building at once, it’s critical to keep the air circulating. Keeping the air moving prevents the amount of virus particles accumulating in a certain area.”Our AC units are running 24/7 along with monthly filter changes to improve air circulation around campus,” Principle Martin said.

Additionally, custodians sanitize between every lunch and deep clean high traffic areas of the school every night. “Hospital grade cleaners are used after every lunch,” Martin said. “The custodians deep clean high traffic areas like cafeterias, main hallways, and classrooms every night.”

Though students aren’t the only ones affected by the virus, teachers struggle to find substitutes to cover their classes when they quarantine. “A lot of my teachers are out because of COVID. It’s honestly pretty scary,” Junior Jackie Martinez said. As a solution to this issue, the district has permitted us to permanently hire four substitutes, so we always have someone available.

“I didn’t really think it was as bad as it is. I’m scared school will be canceled altogether,” Freshman Mariana Jackson said.

With teachers going out and the number of students testing positive on the rise, students need to come together to do their part. The most effective way to slow down the spread is to wear a mask. If we don’t, then the spread of the virus may never stop. The following link is the CFISD statistics of active cases this school year, XM Dashboard.

“Mask up Cy-Fair,” Principle Martin says.