Top 10 90’s shows to watch

1. Boy meets world 

This is definitely my all-time favorite 90’s show, I love to follow along with Cory and Topanga’s love story. I also enjoy watching all of the crazy situations that Cory and Shawn get themselves in and out of. This is my go-to show when I’m bored and it’s so easy to pick up from anywhere on.

2. Full house

This show reminds me of coming home from school in elementary school and looking forward to this playing at Nick at Nite. Watching the 3 girls go through crazy experiences made me look forward to growing up and living life.

3. Tom and jerry 

I got into this show because my mom used to play it for me when I was little. Now, I use this show when I need to entertain kids, but I somehow manage to get distracted by the show too.

4. Looney toons

I LOVE THIS SHOW! It never fails to make me laugh. My favorite character is definitely the roadrunner, I just loved to see how many ways the coyote can fail; like I said before it’s very entertaining

5. Ed, Edd n Eddy

This show is so dumb that it’s hilarious, and it’s amazing how they try and get girls to be interested in them but ALWAYS manage to fail. My all-time favorite character is Plank, he carries the entire show in my opinion.

6. Futurama

This show is about a Pizza delivery boy who was frozen in time and when he wakes up 1,000 years have already passed. Now, he gets to live and explore the future with his friends that he meets and his only living relative. Personally, I would love to see 1,000 years into the future, are there any flying cars, do we still have to walk our dogs, is food the same? I will unfortunately never know since I cannot time travel, but the show does help me dream about the future.

7. Malcolm in the Middle 

I always loved this show because I’ve never been able to relate to being the middle child, thank goodness, but I think to myself, is it really that bad being the middle child?

8. Magic school bus

I learned so much from this show like how the digestive system works, or what it’s like being a bat. I always wondered what it would be like to have a real-life Ms. Frizzle.

9. Friends

The randomness and energy I get from this group of friends are amazing. All the hilarious shenanigans they put themselves into are awesome. I love to see all of their relationships work out and fail over and over because whenever they get back together the bond is so much stronger.

10. That 70s show

This show is so easy to binge and I love the 70’s setting because you get to see the older and funny popular hair and clothing styles. My favorite part would have to be when they finally get into their own small friend circle.


By: Cecilia Uvalle