Cy- Fair’s New protocols

This past year, our whole world has been put through a lot, it feels like just yesterday we were leaving for spring break, and next thing we know the entire globe is going through a pandemic. Covid-19 has greatly impacted all of our lives whether it’s at school or our home life. How has Covid impacted you?

Here at our school, we have gone through many transformations. Classes are now significantly smaller, this is mainly due to the number of parents of our students who have made the decision to keep their children at home. Another reason the amount of students in classrooms appears to be substantially smaller is due to the social distancing policies. Students are to be spread apart in classrooms for the safety of one another, which seems very hard to do especially when you view the number of students that are enrolled at Cy-Fair who happen to be in- school learners. Even though there are only 42% of students back in school that is still a lot more than I’m sure the district was expecting. Our school has also prepared other ways to help prevent the spread of the virus, such as disinfectant that is to be sprayed after every class period, and it appears to be working fairly well. The process is very simple, the teacher will spray all of the desks, chairs, shields, and whatever other material is used. Honestly, it’s been working pretty well, I mean yes there have been A few cases, but what do we expect, the precautions were put in place to limit the amount of growth as much as we can. One of the biggest things that I notice that the majority of students struggle with is wearing masks at all times. I understand it can be hard, like when you want to eat, or need a moment to breathe, but please keep your masks up. When you wear the mask you’re not just protecting yourself you’re protecting others from anything that could be harmful to them. Hallways at our school are not the easiest to get through, and even with the school not even being open to full capacity, the halls are still crowded. The hallways that appear to be the worst are Mainstreet and the library loop. Our school has dealt with the issue by making the library loop a one way hall, which yes the crowing has definitely calmed down, but not enough to where students are not bumping into each other, in my opinion, it was inevitable; those halls connect two halves of the school and due to subject placement it happens at some point you’re going to have to go through the loop. 

These are just a few of the ways that our school and district have helped to slow the spread of Covid- 19, and I thank them for this. Without these new regulations, we would have never been able to come back to the learning environment that we value and cherish. I thank them for coming up with our new normal.