Remote Learning Day


CFISD recently implemented a remote learning day where students don’t show up to campus but have assignments to complete at home without teacher assistance.


Students and teachers both have their opinions over this unique day.


“It was actually pretty easy,” senior Ayden Alm said. “It was nice to be in the comfort of my own home.”

Some students enjoyed this day and others found it difficult. 

“[There was] too much work for a relaxed day,” sophomore William Blank said. “My teachers led me to believe the online day would be laid back. Instead of an easy day, my schedule was filled and I ended up having to cancel plans with my friends.”

While some teachers assigned a lot of work, others did not. However, all teachers tracked attendance through submitted assignments.

“I only had a little bit of work on my remote learning day,” sophomore Nick Santulli said. “But world history had the most work, I had to do notes over a passage we had to read.”

It wasn’t difficult for some teachers to assign work because those assignments would’ve been completed in class anyway.

“I believe I gave my students enough work,” chemistry teacher Effie Mancuso said. Some of my students returned to school without doing the assignment, resulting in an absence for the day.”

This day that teachers got to themselves was also beneficial for time management.

“It was also really great to have some dedicated time to lesson plan and grade,” Mancuso said.

The next remote learning day will take place on Dec. 11.