Made of Rain album review by the Psychedelic Furs

Made of Rain album review by the Psychedelic Furs

The Psychedelic Furs are a New Wave band from England that formed in 1977. The band gained notoriety in 1986 when the famous filmmaker, John Hughes used their song “Pretty in Pink” also named his film after the song. Shortly after the film was released, the band took a hiatus after touring in 1992. The Psychedelic Furs released their first studio album in nearly three decades, “Made of Rain” which was originally supposed to be released“May 1, 2020, but was delayed and released on July 31, 2020, due to the ongoing pandemic. 

“The boy who invented Rock n’ Roll” starts with a futuristic and older tone. the vocals create a serious tone to the song. The Psychedelic Furs stick to the original style of their new wave and post-punk days. 

“Don’t Believe”.  The song’s blend of keyboards, Bass Guitars, vocals, and lyrics all make this song what it is. The imagery and lyrics paint a wonderful picture of what the lyrics are in your head. It makes you feel like you are thinking so much that your hair is dizzy. 

“You’ll be fine” is a song where they really experiment with a different direction than the band is normally in. The song combines the style of Techno and Pop throughout, the guitars get stronger and faster throughout the song. 

“Wrong Train” sounds like a very classic 70’s British alternative song. Like most bands, this song starts happy and strong then towards the end it ends in gloom and despair. This song talks about challenges that some people face heartbreak, self-doubt, and wanting to find happiness. 

“This’ll Never be like Love” is a song that goes through a person’s internal struggle of heartbreak and feeling like they are desperate for love. The vocals are slow and soft which sets the mood of the song. 

“Ash Wednesday” at the beginning sounds like crickets that you would hear late at night when you can’t sleep. How I interpret this song is someone who is having a hard time falling asleep so they are having thoughts and how their life is going at the moment. The singer’s voice is soft making it a perfect song to listen to when you can’t sleep. 

“Come on Ye faithful” no, not the classical Christmas song. This song has a cool mix of Jazz and Techno which makes the song sound original and spontaneous at the same time. 

“No-one” this song is probably the strangest song so far on this album. The beginning starts with eerie sounding music, then gets heavier as the song progresses. There is a lot of mention of Halloween throughout this song. I think the song could be a sign of frustration and having no control over what’s going on around you. 

“Tiny hands” this song gives off a calming sound to it. The piano sounds wonderful. The imagery of this song reminds me of going to see a ballet performance that has the story of two lovers in it. The ending sounds magical which is perfect for this song and has a vibe of a Disney movie. 

“Turn your back on me” this song reminds me of listening to early songs by The Psychedelic Furs while also listening to The Smiths and Echo and the Bunnymen all at the same time. How I imagine this song is two ex-lovers wanting to try their relationship again but knowing that it is not a wise thing to do. They miss the presence of each other and wondering what it would be like if they got back together. 

“Stars” this song has a pretty magical/ space sound to it. It gives off vibes of wanting to be in the countryside somewhere at night and laying in the grass looking at the stars and the moon. 

Even though The Psychedelic Furs took nearly three decades to make a new album, “Made of Rain” was worth the wait. Not only does the band stick to their original roots, but they also have explored new areas of music to appeal to younger audiences. The Psychedelic Furs are one of those bands that will always keep the 80’s vibes with them no matter what decade you are in. Time to pull out the Aquanet and big hair and vibe back in time to the ’80s.