My Experience With Online School


My name is Cecilia and for the past week, I’ve been an online student. I’m usually an in-class learner, but due to recent circumstances I’ve been staying at my aunt’s house; so I sort of needed to go online. Usually, in class (in person), we are given lots of assignments on paper, since these assignments are on paper we can just write on them and turn them in. With online, the teacher will put the same paper just you know online, and sometimes it’s a pdf which means you have to download it to your file, and then edit it and fill it out like that. It’s annoying. Most of the subjects are difficult to learn through a screen, like algebra or chemistry. Many of the teachers will teach the lesson as they normally would and as an “online student” I just sit there confused. But there are some good things to come out of being online like, as I’m writing this I’m in a Zoom and watching Netflix. There are lots of distractions at home such as if I was in school and I wanted to get on my phone the teacher would tell me something, but since I’m online no one can see me or tell me what to do. Another thing is lots of teachers that have completed their part, which is teaching the lesson, will release the online students for the rest of the period. After we are released we are expected to finish our assignments for the following class. Yeah, that doesn’t happen, we usually end up on Snapchat, Tik Tok, or Instagram, and then end up staying up late trying to complete all of the assignment before our 11:59 pm deadline. Oh, and my sleep schedule has completely changed. Last week I was able to wake up at 5:15 am, take my shower, do my hair, find a cute outfit that maybe that boy would notice, and then get into my friend’s car. Yeah no, it hasn’t been like that this week, I wake up at 8:00 am, since my first period teacher doesn’t have a zoom and my next class doesn’t start until 8:18, so I have enough time to brush my teeth, make myself look like I didn’t just arise from the dead and eat an apple. I also think it’s hilarious when we’re in the middle of a lesson and I get a text from my friend like, “ Do you understand anything that’s going on?” to which I’ll respond with, “ oh lol I forgot we were on zoom, I’m on Tik Tok.” I’m definitely ready to go back, I need to get back on my schedule, I’m tired of feeling like a zombie.

By: Cecilia Uvalle